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So, I'm Ortal Pelleg...

I have always been and still live by the sea in Israel, Musical creation and Surfing has been my main passion since I was very young, traveling with my music and going for what I feel is my inner calling I realized dreams can come true.

I feel we can all make the most of our time here while we still have the chance, Life is an interesting and dynamic experience, our body and mind can do so much and I try to take mine to the edge. Enhancing my skills and learning new skills on a regular basis.

The way I see it is that, we have a beautiful mind and body and we should use it! From the tip of our fingers with playing different kind of instruments (string, wind, percussion etc..) to moving our arms legs core and the rest for the body with sports like Surfing, skateboarding and different exercises.

The connection to nature is also very important for me to maintain inner peace, the biggest part of nature and this planet is the sea so I stay in close relationship with it.

Recently I discovered the benefits of using the Wim Hoff method breathing technique and cold temp exposure, I am a bit fan of breathing 😉 awareness to breathing  brings a lot of peace and I love exploring different ways for breathing. The cold was always something I wanted to have a better relationship with so we are becoming better friends now but we have still work to do.

My wife and two kids really grounds me, it’s a really amazing experience to have a family and see it grow and have many happy moments to share and learn about each other and live harmoniously with all of life’s adventures, and still much more to come!