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What an epic experience! Let me start by saying how much I appreciate this festival and the thousands of people that danced to the music in our show, really powerful. The location is mind blowing, it’s even hard to describe. It’s like a Village with lots of space for nature, there’s lots of art work…

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Tuning into change

The question I get to answer a lot is “How did you get started with making Pantams/Handpans?” I almost never have the chance to tell the whole story, so I decided to just write it down and send people to my blog 😉 haha. But seriously, it’s an interesting story that stores a big life…

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Why say yes to Yoga

Writing this I think of you, why? Well because I feel like life has been kind to me and fortunately I got the chance to experience some things that have given me a lot in my daily life, and which may give you something too. So one thing I want to share with you is…

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Feel and Prague!

Feel festival in Germany was pretty amazing to see. There was so much thought and creativity put into all the stages and areas of the festival. There were people dancing, running around with big smiles and people just chilling… The location was so cool and unique, the music played was awesome and despite the fact…

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